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Connects Joomla to Flarum

Signs in / out

User signs in into Joomla and automatically signed in to Flarum. Same with sign out.

Registers User

Users who are registering to Joomla are automatically registered to Flarum

Erases user

Users erased from Joomla are automatically erased from Flarum as well

Group handling

User added to group in Joomla added to associated group in Flarum


This software is in Beta testing phase. Use at your own risk! Do not use in production environment!

1) Requirements

  • Joomla 3.1 or later installed on the server
  • Flarum 0.1.0-beta.10 or greater installed into a subfolder of the Joomla installation
  • The name and password of the administrator user should be the same in both installations

2) Installation

  1. Download the .zip file
  2. Install it with Joomla's Extensions / Manage / Install menu at the Joomla administration area
  3. Set up the parameters according to the next section
  4. Enable the plugin

3) Parameters

In order to function properly, you need to set up the plugin's parameters at Joomla's administration area. Go to Joomla's Extensions / Plugins menu and search for the "User - Flarum!" plugin. Click on the name of the plugin.

3.1) Basic plugin parameters:

Flarum subfolder:

The name of the subfolder of the Joomla folder where Flarum is installed. Should not contain leading and trailing '/'.

Flarum subfolder:

The name of the subfolder of the Joomla folder where Flarum is installed. Should not contain leading and trailing '/'.

Flarum API key:

In Flarum you need to set up an API key. Here is how to do it:

  1. Create a 40 characters long random string
  2. With phpMyAdmin or any other database editor, open the Flarum database.
  3. Open the api_keys table.
  4. Insert the 40 characters random string into the key field and '1' into the user_id field.
  5. Insert the came 40 characters random string into the Joomla "Flarum API Key field"

Flarum admin:

The username of the Flarum admin user

Flarum password:

The password of the Flarum admin user

Register user to Flarum:

When "On" a newly registering Joomla user is registered to Flarum as well

Autoactivate Flarum user:

When "On" automatically activates Flarum user on Joomla registration. When OFF, Flarum sends out it's activation email. Only has effect when "Register user to Flarum" is ON.

Delete user:

When "On": If a user is deleted from Joomla it is deleted from Flarum as well

Sign in user:

When "On": A user signing in to Joomla is signed in to Flarum as well

Sign out user:

When "On": A user signing out from Joomla is signed out from Flarum as well

Handle usergroups:

When "On": Usergroup changes are handeled according to the settings at "Group Assignment" TAB. For more details see the documentation of that TAB. WARNING: When you turn it ON from the OFF position you need to log out / in from the administration area in order to load Flarum usergroups.


When "On": Creates a detailed text log to the file specified at "Text log path". WARNING: Only use for debugging purposes. The log file reveals sensitive user information so it is not GDPR compatible. In production environment keep it OFF.

Text log path:

Full path to a file in a webserver writable folder. The plugin will create the text log in this file

3.2) Group assignment parameters:

Group Assignment parameters can be set at the "Group Assignment" TAB.

At the moment group assignments are working only one way from Joomla to Flarum. This means if a user is added to a group in Joomla it is added to it's associated group in Flarum as well. If a user is removed from a group in Joomla it is removed from that Group in Flarum as well.

IMPORTANT: The Flarum groups are loaded into the dropboxes at admin login if the "Handle usergroups" basic parameter is ON. So if the Flarum groups in the dropdowns are not matching the list of groups in Flarum simply log out / in as admin while the "Handle usergroups" parameter is ON.

Currently this feature supports one to one assignments. One to many, many to many, many to one assignments won't cause error messages but might result in unpredictable behaviour

To begin to assign Joomla groups to Flarum groups, simply click on the green + button at the right and select the appropriate groups from the dropdowns.

4) Known issues

Currently there are no known issues with the 0.0.2 Beta release.

5) Versions


  • Added group support
  • Added the ability to auto activate Flarum user